Our volunteers in Greece

One of our volunteers are visiting a family who live in a tent in Athens. One of our volunteers are visiting a family who live in a tent in Athens.

The help for the refugees in Greece are totally dependent on private contributions. We are a group of people in Sweden that do what we can to help.

In late September 2015 we went to Kos, Greece, to help in place for the first time. We collected a total of 3,5 tons of clothing and other necessities and brought 1.1 tons with us on the plane, and the rest was shipped to us when we reached Kos. After this trip we decided to continue to help and formed this organisation.

Today we focus on collecting stuff that the refugees need on site in the camps. We collect prams, strollers and acessories to these since a lot of the children and infants sleep on the ground in the tents. We also collect clothes and shoes. We travel to Greece to deliver the supplies personally a few times a year.

For the money we receive from our fantastic donors we purchase water, food, diapers, sanitary materials and other things that the refugees need. 

If you want more information about our current work please use our contact form.

Our volunteers serve tea in Pireus, Greece

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We offer a simple and reliable way for people to reach out and make a real difference for those left with nothing after being forced to flee their homes. All money we receive go directly to help the refugees.

Donate via bank transfer:
IBANSE08 9500 0099 6018 0786 2782

Donate using our Swedish Swish number:
12 33 55 94 08

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Orgnr: 802498-7532 • Swish: 1233559408 • Plusgiro: 786278-2


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